Credits, Government Engineering College, Dahod
The Web-Site Team, Government Engineering College, Dahod

Motivation & Inspiration

Prof. J V Dave, Principal (2012 -- April-2014)

Prof. J V Dave pushed for the official registration of our domain in 2012. He also encouraged faculties to make maximum use of web-site for putting up notices and communicating study related materials. By the end of 2012 most students accessed notices online. This also made way for online fee payment process. The college website proved to be first-step towards e-enabling Government Engineering College, Dahod.

Technical Head

Viren J Patel, Head & Asst. Prof., Computer Engineering

Supporting Staff from Computer Department

Ms. Vaishali V Nayak, Computer Engineering

Ms. Pravina Parmar, Computer Engineering

Ms. Kumundrini Prajapati, Computer Engineering

Supporting Staff from College

Mr. Chandrakant B Pagi, Electronics and Communication

Mr. Y M Makwana, Electrical Engineering

Mr. Manish S Chaudhari, Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Gyayak Bhuta, Civil/Applied Mechanics Engineering

Valuable Student Contributions

Rahul Pandey (2009-2013)***

Rahul Pandey helped create dynamic notice boards on home page and individual department pages during initial phase of web-site development.

Ankush Sharma (2009-2013)***

Ankush made raw implementation of dynamic notice upload on live site in early stages.

Hasib Vora (2009-2013)***

Hasib Vora refined the file upload module and helped to use the same for material upload. Dynamic display of material for respective subjects is his major work.

Vishvendra Singh (2011-2015)*****

Vishvendra took initiative for web development during Zonal Youth Festival Xitij 2013. He coordinated and managed web-resources during preparation of web-portal for Xitij. His contribution for online live telecast of Xitij events was commendable job appreciated by all faculties and specially by the then Principal Shri J V Dave.

Vishvendra has shown exceptional interest in setting up our local domain hosted at GEC Dahod. The setting up of local file server has helped us to reduce both bandwidth utilization and fast access within college campus.

Vishvendra is also to be thanked for his constant close monitoring of our domains and its security.

Abhijeet Desani(2011-2015)***

Abhijeet contributed with css enhancements from time to time. The current look and feel of homepage is developed by Abhijeet.