Hostel Admission Process for GEC Dahod
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Hostel admission process (Boys/Girls) for newly admitted student.
Last Date for Step-1 to Step-6: TO BE DECLARED
Merit List will be displayed between TO BE DECLARED dates.
Admission will be given on date TO BE DECLARED.
Step-1 Congratulations for getting admission in Government Engineering College Dahod. If your admission is confirmed in Government Engineering College Dahod through ACPC , you must visit college as soon as possible.
Step-2 When you visit GEC Dahod, first report in the administrative department (ADMIN Building). Then immediately report to the Head of your respective department(branch).
Step-3 You must do online registration in your department. You will have to enter data in an online system of GEC Dahod. Only then you will be able to get an id-card/library-card or hostel admission form. If you wish to apply for hostel admission, you just have to "tick" mark an option "apply for hostel admission". Thats it !!
Step-4 If you have applied for hostel ("tick" marked the option of "apply for hostel admission") in Step-3 then you can print your hostel admission from any place in this world. So you can visit a nearby cyber cafe at any place you are and get the print of your hostel application form by entering your ACPC merit number.
Step-5 Now you have the printed Hostel Admission Form with all your details that you entered in online registration in your department. You just have to use some fevicol and stick your 1 latest passport sized photograph in the place given on form. You must carry another similar photograph with you when you go to submit the form to hostel office.
Step-6 You can submit your complete hostel form (with photograph) with one extra passport sized latest photograph to hostel in-charge. The hostel in-charge will be more than happy to see you !!
Step-7 You can check your name in the merit list displayed online on college web-site. You dont need to login anywhere for this. Just see the list ! Remain present on the day and exact time of admission. Check web-site notice for this everyday. Your admission in hostel will not be confirmed without your physical presence.
Step-8 On the day of admission, the seats will be alloted based on merit and presece of student. If the student remains absent, it will be assumed that he/she is not interested and seat will be alloted to next merit students. The seat allocation is subjected to various parameters pre-decided by hostel committee. No issues regarding this shall be entertained on or after the day of admission. Even after this, the right to disallow/remove a student from hostel stays with the Hostel Rector and Principal of this institution.
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