Mechanical Engineering is the application of the principles of physics in the analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and most versatile of the engineering professions.

Mechanical Engineering Department is established in the year 2004 with intake capacity of 60 students. To enhance the qualitative education, the intake has been increased to 120 students in the year 2009. This department has also started the post graduate course of M.E with specialization of CAD/CAM in the year 2010. This department is facilitated with all essential laboratories and equipments according to the curriculum of Gujarat technological University.

This department has various laboratories in the areas of Heat Power, Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, IC Engines, Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power, Kinematics and dynamics, Material Technology, Metrology and Instrumentation, and CAD. The Department has excellent Computer Centre, and seminar hall with LCD multimedia projector. There is a separate building of workshop carrying facilities of carpentry, fitting, turning. These programs complement our educational missions; address the evolving needs of industry and society, thereby contributing to economic and social development.

The department makes use of an appropriate mix of pedagogical tools to train students to handle professional responsibilities. These include lectures by an appropriate mix of in-house and visiting faculty, expert lectures, discussions, seminars, project assignments and visits to industries and project sites. Continuous evaluation and counseling are important parts of the academic program. Advanced workshop on Robotics has been conducted with active participation of under graduate students. Post graduate students of this department have presented various innovative research papers at national and international conferences.

The specializations of faculty members cover all major areas of Mechanical Engineering. The department has adequate faculty members; most of them are pursuing their post graduation/Ph.D. from IITs and other reputed Institutes with research publications in national/international journals and conferences. This department has sponsored many faculty members for higher studies under the Quality Improvement program of AICTE.


List of Laboratory wise Equipments


Sr. No.

Name of Laboratory

Major Equipments



All geared Center Lathe Machine

Spot welding machine

Arc welding transformer

Bench Grinder

VICE for fitting shop

Wood working lathe


Portable drilling machine


Theory of Machine Laboratory

Gyroscope Set

Microtech make epicyclical gear train & holding torque apparatus


Metallurgy Laboratory

Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Specimen Polishing Machine (Double disc type)


Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machine Laboratory

Meta-centric height apparatus

Pelton wheel turbine test rig model no: LB 402

Reciprocating pump test rig


Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory

Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder

Microtech make heat exchanger

Heat conduction through metal road

Thermal Conductivity of Liquid

Forced convection heat exchanger test rig

Natural convection heat exchanger test rig

Heat Transfer through composite wall apparatus

Drop & film heat transfer test rig

Stephen Boltzmann verification apparatus

Experimental setup for performance of pin fin apparatus / Natural & forced convection apparatus

Critical radius of insulating material apparatus


I.C. Engine Laboratory

Engine Cooling System

Two stroke single cylinder engine (wooden model)

Single cylinder four stroke diesel engine test rig with rope brake dynamometer

Single cylinder two stroke petrol engine test rig with rope brake dynamometer


Dynamics of Machine Lab

Universal governor apparatus

Universal vibration apparatus

CAM analysis apparatus


CAD Laboratory

Pro-E Single license (two user)

AUTOCAD Mechanical software

Multimedia Projector


Thermal Engineering Laboratory

Bomb Calorimeter

Two stage reciprocating air compressor test rig


Production Technology Laboratory

Radial Drilling Machine

Sharp make lathe tool dynamometer

Sharp make milling tool dynamometer


Refrigeration & AC Lab

Cooling tower test rig

Refrigeration cycle demonstration unit