MATLAB Campus-wide Access at Government Engineering College Dahod

Access Options for MATLAB, Simulink, and Add-on Toolboxes


Students, Faculty, and Staff

Students, faculty, and staff may download an individual stand-alone copy of the software for each of the machines on which you are the sole MATLAB user (includes office and personal machines). Simply go to Government Engineering College Dahod’sMATLAB Portal  to begin software download and activation of the license. 


End User: Download the Installer

*Note- for users who did not already download the installer

1.       GottoMATLABPortalprovidedbyyourUniversity.Select‘GetStartedToday’undertheDownloadMATLAB


2.       LogintoyourMathWorksaccountthatisassociatedtoyourUniversitylicense.(Note–youmaybeaskedto loginwithyouruniversitycredentialsfirst).

3.       Clickthedownloadbuttonforthecurrentrelease (Userscanalsodownloadpreviousreleaseshere).

4.       Chooseasupportedplatformanddownloadtheinstaller.


End User: Install and Activate

1.       Run theinstaller.

2.       Intheinstaller,selectLoginwithaMathWorksAccountandfollowtheonlineinstructions.

3.       Whenpromptedtodoso,selecttheAcademic–TotalHeadcountlicenselabeledIndividual.

4.       Selecttheproductsyouwanttodownloadandinstall.

5.       Afterdownloadingandinstallingyourproducts,keeptheActivateMATLABcheckboxselectedandclickNext.

6.       FollowthepromptstoactivateMATLAB.


*Note- Detailed installation instructions can be also found in the link below: How do I install MATLAB?


Deployment for On-Campus Computing Facilities
For large scale MATLAB deployments in classrooms and labs, the MathWorks TAH concurrent network license should be used. Using MATLAB in these environments requires the use of UTAD’s network to access the license server.  For further instructions contact V J Patel (Head , Computer Engineering Department)





Shared-use Workstations
For single computers that cannot connect to the network for the license server, which are used by several people, the MathWorks TAH campus license should be used. These machines will run MATLAB without access to the network once the software has been downloaded and the license activated. Go to further instructions on setting up the campus license.


Additional Resources

Bookmark the MATLAB Portal as an ongoing resource.

1.       MATLABTraining-linkstoMATLABOnramp(free2-houroverviewofMATLAB)andothercourseofferings.

2.       MATLABHelp-Provideslinkstoinstallationsupport,productvideos,codeexample,answers,andconsultation supportfromaMathWorksEngineer.

3.       UseMATLABontheCloud-AccesstoMATLABOnline(webbasedversionofMATLAB),MATLABDrive and MATLAB Mobile.

4.       ResourcesforEducators-Instantaccesstofreecourseware,webinars,andothertoolstointegrateMATLABand Simulink into yourcurriculum.


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